British Summer Trauma

Who Stole My Sun?

BST - British Summer Time, (British Summer Trauma) it’s an annual test of our optimism, hoping that the same sun, which hugs the Mediterranean, might make an appearance in our sky. Out come the flip flops, skin which hasn’t seen the sun for months makes a blue appearance, retailers stack the shelves with shorts and sarongs, home-ware shops go tonto on their garden furniture, supermarkets sell the dream of long hazy BBQ filled days. The truth however, is that summer happened in Blighty last Wednesday, fleetingly between 1:27pm and 3:43pm. The seasonal disorder we’re all affected by is vain hope…but don’t lose faith my friends. A sure-fire way to put the sun back into our lives is to ingest and imbibe it. It might not be sunny outside but we can darn well eat ‘sunshine’ food in defiance of the clouds. Here’s your guide to sunshine on a plate without firing up the BBQ under an umbrella.

3 kebabs to grill and thrill

3 sunshine dishes to savour

  • Mango & Mackerel Salad - This salad is like treating your palate to a gastronomic spa. It’s fresh, textured, delicious and rich in all the good stuff
  • Spice Crumble Carpaccio - A platter which will leave you parking genteel table manners at the front door as you fight for every last piece.
  • BBC Summer Sabzi - A summer dish packed with broad beans, broccoli and courgette fired up with a little chilli and refreshed with mint
British summer time
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