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The curry industry in Britain is estimated at £1.8bn and employsover 60,000 people. It is fair to say curry has become an integral partof our staple diet but few of us are aware of what ‘authentic’ meanswhen it comes to Britain’s favourite food – how it is cooked and what makes it so sublime. Instead we have been patronised with dumbed-down versions of wonderfully spiced dishes through the provisionof gooey mixtures that slime their way out of jars.


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The Urban Rajah’s Curry Memoirs opens the door to a world of family cooking that will teach you how to cook delicious curry in our own home.So put down that jar of low-fat chicken tikka masala, and let me leadyou through a journey of spice that will leave you revelling in colour,yearning for the delicate smells of cardamom and cinnamon and desperate to plunge a chapatti into a curry feast of your own making.

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