Bonfire Night

Spiced Fireworks

This fireworks evening go equipped with some grub which will discharge a canon of spices and the warming sensation of chilli sparklers. Avoid the clichéd banger in a bap and under done jacket potatoes and let your taste buds go east this Bonfire Night, with your own mobile picnic. The Urban Rajah’s heart and hand warming recipes let you can munch on the march as you shuffle to get a better view of the floundering Catherine Wheel and ooh and ahh as the milky way embraces a few crowd pleasing additions from the Urban Rajah’s Curry Memoirs.

For the flask: Masala Chai pimps the traditional brew with a few fragrant spices a naughty dose of sugar all mixed with the main ingredient, soothing hot milk.

For the belly: Gunpowder Patties (Lamb Pastries, [pictured below), parcels of curried lean mince packed with finely ground spices (resembling gunpowder), wrapped in cheats puff pastry brushed with nigella or cumin eeds. Oven baked and accompanied by sweet and feisty dipping sauce. It’s my Uncle Stan’s recipe, the Indian Sub-Continent’s response to the Cornish Pasty. A veggie option can be introduced by simply replacing the mince with a filling of masala mash, spiked with coriander seeds, turmeric and green chillies.

For the sweet tooth: Finally as the visual feast comes to an end and the last chorus of fireworks hang and sway in the crisp clean sky, finish the evening with elegantly gooey Cardamom Chocolate Brownies. Using high-grade cocoa solids, sprinkled with green cardamom powder, squish in some chopped dates and top with crushed pistachios. Satisfying discerning chocoholics and converting ‘savoury only’ devotees into devout disciples, these aromatic chunks will keep the brood content.

This set of recipes is sure to cause treason amongst the die-hard traditionalists, but it’s a plot you’ll definitely want to explore.

Gunpowder patties
pic frame

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