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For recipes discoveries trends & secret suppers

Mustard Broccoli

Charred Broccoli Planks

Malai Chicken Kebabs

Cardamom Kebabs

Tandoori Cauliflower

Ghobi Steaks

Chilli Lime Sweetcorn

Chaat Sweetcorn

*My Michelin Star* ever wondered how chefs gain Michelin status? I talk with @atulkochhar...the Jedi of Indian food……
This is a fab conversation with @Craftivists Sarah Corbett..:ever heard of a bowl of scouse? @sohoradio…
I’m on @sohoradio this morning at 11am...tune in for #TheLastSupper…
Lunch is up....Malai Lamb with toasted pistachios, hunger be banished!
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the last supper

If this was your last supper what would you eat and what story would your life tell? Hosted by the Urban Rajah, chef, writer and 'nosey parker’, with an obsession for food culture and people’s stories.