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Indian Summer

Whilst some of you may be choosing to stretch out in your garden, park, balcony or patio and suck up some of that summer sunshine, I've been busy working with my extended family aka Thali Cafe in Bristol. We've decided to capture some of that sunshine and pop it onto a thali, I've been inspired by summers in India's Hill Stations  and created a menu which will lift elevate you to the Switzerland of the East. The foothills of the Himalayas are surrounded by verdant lush forests and emerald lakes fed by glaciers, dotted by Hill Stations occupied by the British Raj during the stinking hot months of summer. Settled as the summer headquarters for the Punjab Government until 1876, the Murree Hill Station in a corner of the North West Himalayas was known as the Queen of Hills and offered my father and various siblings a rare holiday break.

So together with my culinary cousins escape to India’s lush Hill Stations with the limited edition Summer Thali created available at all Thali Cafe restaurants across Bristol. It's also a chance to transform a life, £1 from every Summer Thali will go towards supporting health and education project for slum dwellers in Chennai, India.

Summer Thali

  • Dak Chicken Bungalow or Nepalese Mustard Baingan
  • Safalle Dumplings
  • Basmati Rice 
  • Dahl, Salad
  • Masala Chai Kulfi 

About the Summer Thali

Dak Chicken Bungalow is a recipe enjoyed by British Raj officers in the Indian Hill Stations over 150 years ago, combining tender free range chicken in a rich tomato coriander and yoghurt sauce.

Nepalese Mustard Baingan is a warming aubergine dish, consumed in the Himalayas using the region’s love of mustard as an earthy ingredient that comforts and energises.

Safalle Dumplings are the Indian equivalent of flash fried Japanese gyoza dumplings – evolved over centuries from the tribal valleys of Kathmandu across the Himalayas. Their steamed cousins Momos can be found on every street corner of northern India.

Masala Chai Kulfi is made from caramelised organic milk and infused with the aromatic flavours of chai tea (with its’ roots in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of India) cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper.

Blow Horn Cider with lime and mint – organic apples, sourced and grown locally blended with a botanical blend of cinnamon, ginger, clove served super chilled with fresh lime and mint.


Thali cafe - summer thali
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