The Cabin

Coastal Cool 

Autumn in North Norfolk was calling, more specifically in the shape of friends who’d seduced us with the offer of staying in their newly constructed ‘cabin’. Flying up the A1 we were sustained by the prospect of a huge bounty of fresh air bled from skies which bend the eye beyond the horizon. We craved the visual space which this part of Norfolk captures so beguilingly.

Our home for the next few days was The Cabin a quaint sounding den overlooking the shores of Blakeney village, conceived and birthed by boutique property brand, Bliss. Which if their previous projects in Highgate, North London and neighbouring Cley next-the-sea were anything to go by we would be staying in anything but a cabin. Greeted by Indi the resident beagle and the scent of wood smoke our senses relaxed and slipped into a thick knit pullover. We rested our eyes on 2,000 sq ft of lateral living, replete with 4 ensuite bedrooms, a living, dining and cooking space connected with a heated polished concrete floor butted against smooth wooden walls cut against clean white render. The sum of its parts...Contemporary Coastal.

The cabin, living area

This holiday let is dressed with industrial touches yet warmed through with hides and woollens and contemporary Danish furniture cuddling up against squishy sofas and sensitively lit spaces. A pair of chimney hung stag horns oversee proceedings in the open living space and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors pour in light by the ton, the mistake here is to try and categorise it, which I’ve managed to do clumsily. 

You wish this was the home from home yours resembled...yet it’s simply better thought out. Spaces flushed with comfort and relaxed glamour ebb and flow effortlessly curated by its owner Lisa Lipscombe. She’s a maven for style generously dishing out tips on where to eat, shop, walk, run, swim and sail...settling you in like a local.

Our arrival ‘brown bag’ is stocked with larder products plundered from local producers, thick bacon, butter the colour of custard, cobs of bread, organic milk and a slice of retro vinyl in the shape of a 45 single to entertain you on the turntable in the corner.

The team at Bliss have been busy re-inventing Coastal Cool, preserving Norfolk’s yester year charm whilst shodding its feet in a pair eco friendly Louboutins.

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