New York

Make It To MPD

“I wanna go to the city that never sleeps.” The Maharani requested,

I suggested we spend a night in Kennington, South London, “the sirens will keep you up all night.”

Not amused she tossed a New York Top 10 into my lap, pages folded in the shopping section. I should have seen it coming, a recently dusted box set of ‘Sex And The City’ leant against the DVD player brushing up like new lovers. I didn;t need a great deal of persuasion, I’ve heard that a native New Yorker could live out their entire life eating out for every meal and still not get through the city’s number of restaurants. I was confident we’d make a dent and take a morsel out of the Big Apple.

Ever wondered where Air Stewardesses go to retire? Well judging by our cabin crew..American Airlines (AA) has an aggressive recruitment drive to take the glamour out of air travel and put the Granny in and grouchy ones at that. AA, more like Attitude Airlines. Perhaps it was just a little amuse bouche prior to the full New York experience. Seven days in the most photographed and filmed city in the world, where does one start? Sure there are plenty of guide books and twitter feeds to follow but it’s impossible to ‘do’ New York in a week. So here’s a slice of Delicious Living in NYC..skipping all the usual obvious landmarks.

Dream downtown

The Maharani’s search for Manhattan glamour ended in the Meatpacking District staying at Vikram Chatwal’s über hip Dream Downtown hotel not to be confused with Dream New York in midtown. Standing proud on West 16th and 9th Avenue like a giant chromed chunk of Gouda cheese, portholes give its inhabitants a shiny view on the utilitarian district which once embraced meat distribution. Now, the industrial buildings have been re-purposed into a boutique shopping paradise complete with an urban streetfood, fashion and arts market next to The Standard hotel under the shadow of the renovated Highline.

The Highline, a re-interpreted disused railway line, now an imaginative slimline city park and strolling boulevard rising up against the shoulders of Manhattan’s skyline peering at the city from a peer’s perspective.

The Dream Downtown, drips with NYC’s pretty young things, its heart beats to the sound of imported Brooklyn DJs and blinks with polished and grandiose interiors such as the oversized distressed gold chesterfield sofas in the reception hall offering a subterranean view of the pool whose shores are often graced by fashion and beauty brands launching new collections. Our first night started and ended on the roof top bar and club PH-D. We fluttered past the door staff. Each a cloned interpretation of an 80s modern romantic popstar who simultaneously eyed up our frames and stamped our hands with an entry visa...and I thought Border Control were tough. The private lift to the roof top revealed a lair of thronging limbs pulsating to the DJs whims, cocktails, expertly created by in-house mixologists, a Sunday night mashup all cut against a heaving neon landscape. We parked our jet lag and ordered another Cosmopolitan and supped in the Manhattan by night.

  • Tip 1 Stay at the Dream Downtown and check in to the South Tower, we switched after enduring noisy neighbours and the whiff of funky cigarettes, it is a party hotel.
  • Tip 2 Walk the Highline and gulp in the air and the view. Stop for a coffee from one of the barrista’s barrows.
  • Tip 3 Get to the Dream’s club PHD by 10 to ensure you get in, unless you’re P Diddy.
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