Cash n Curry

How did you spend your Saturday night?

By Bhel Puri a guest of the Urban Rajah

Were you out with friends? Maybe having a dinner party?

That’s exactly how I spent my Saturday night; the only difference was that I was out with lots of friends that I didn’t know yet and was having a dinner party that was raising money for charity. In fact it was raising a lot of money for charity, almost £1,500 to be exact.

We set off for the Urban Rajah’s ‘Cash n Curry’ Supper Club at Carnation Hall, Chavey Down Road, Ascot, unsure of exactly what it would entail, but certain we’d have a good time however the evening panned out.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a chilled glass of ‘Bombay Bellini’, a perfect blend of mango juice and champagne – it was a great introduction to the Urban Rajah’s concept of “Delicious Living”. Over 40 guests arrived, some in groups, some as couples, but everyone excited about the thought of eating a cracking curry and having a great night out.

Urban rajah cash n curry supper club guests

The evening certainly delivered on both counts, with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and a sumptuous curry feast. The entire meal was prepared by the Urban Rajah’s own fair hand, with a bit of help from his extended family clan. It started with delicately spiced ‘LisGoa Fishcakes’ and ‘The Rajah’s Spinach Dumplings’ served with a fantastic ‘Date and Tamarind chutney’. This was followed by the ‘Rajah Feast’, a delicious selection of dishes including ‘Guddu’s Kismet Qorma’, ‘Masala Mash’, ‘Poached Salmon Curry’, ‘Sweetcorn Daal’, and ‘Frisco Zuchini Sabzi’. The evening ended with cardamom scented Indian rice pudding called ‘Kheer’ and Indian Petit Fours.

Seated on two long tables, canteen style, we mixed and mingled, making friends and sharing stories over the fantastic food.  At the end of the night, we just paid what we felt the meal, and the evening itself, was worth.  

The Urban Rajah gave us all a bit of information about how the money raised on the night is going to go towards supporting a Day Care Centre run by IIDA at a slum called “Thideer Nagar” in Chennai, India. Babies will receive milk, pre-school children will have access to education as well as a cooked meal and families will receive primary medical care support. The money raised from the evening is funding a medical programme for 8 months, covering the cost of a nurse, weekly doctor visits and basic healthcare.

As the Urban Rajah says: “We may not be able to change the world, but through the Cash n Curry Supper Clubs, we can change someone's world" and that’s really what it was all about. We had a great evening, ate some fabulous food, met some new friends, drank some good wine and helped support a charity in its work.

If this is Delicious Living … then I for one am definitely up for a bit more of that!

When’s the next one? Count me in.

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John Maffioli & I would love to come if there is place please.  We like the website Ivor!

By Rachel Edwards on September 19, 2012

UR icon

Hey Rachel, there’s always a few places for my Maxop friends. Glad you like the site…spread the word!

By Urban Rajah on September 19, 2012

This sounds a like a great evening out!  We’d like to come to the next one please.

By M Murphy on September 28, 2012

UR icon

With pleasure, there’s always room at the Urban Rajah’s table. Will keep you updated.

By Urban Rajah on September 29, 2012

Hi Urban Rajah, me and my brother would love to come to the next night..

By kam lalli on December 18, 2012

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Without doubt you’ll hear about it…would love to see boys from the old ‘hood there.

By Urban Rajah on December 18, 2012


How do we go about booking a place for Jan 31st in Chipping Campden? There’s a few of us very keen to come along.

Thanks, Nick

By Nick on January 03, 2013

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Hello Nick, so pleased you’d like to come to the Cash n Curry in Chipping Campden…should be a blast. You’ll need to book places by ringing this number 01386 840330. We’ve released a few more places so hopefully we’ll see you on 31st January. 

By Urban Rajah on January 04, 2013

Hi can you let me know when and where the Supper Clubs are being held?
Also, when is the Cash N Curry on at the BITE festival and is there any availability left?


By Tina Handley on January 18, 2013

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Hi Tina, thanks for your interest in Cash n Curry supperclubs, I’ve added you to our list so that we can let you know when and where the next supperclubs are. The Cash n Curry at BITE is on Thursday 31st January at Cotswold House Hotel and you can book by calling 01386 840330. Hope to see you soon.

By Urban Rajah on January 20, 2013

Thank you for an inspirational morning. Just wish I had been able to come to the supper club last night. Please keep me posted!
Best wishes to you & the Maharani & thanks again!

By Liz Parmiter on February 01, 2013

Hi Urban Rajah,

the whole event sounds wonderful. I would love to attend a cash n curry night with my husband. Do you hold any events in the Midlands?

Regards Sindy

By Sindy Dhallu on April 06, 2013

UR icon

Hi Sindy

We have got a plan to run a series of supper clubs across the UK over this year, so do sign up and we’ll let you know when. However, sometimes we do run these exquisite evenings if we’re requested….

By Urban Rajah on April 07, 2013

Hi, I met you today and last night at Bishop Auckland Food Festival. I love the concept and the ethos of Cash and Curry. Fabulous. Am really looking forward to your tour and hope to attend one of your pop-ups in the North East. grin.  P.s. loved the demo and the food too wonderful!

By Charlie on April 21, 2013

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