The Hackney Globetrotter

Global Beats

‘Here try this out, it’s a project of mine, you might like it if you’re off to South America.’

Two days after feeling like a pumped up pin cushion, recovering from a series of tropical vaccine jabs I caught up with the Hackney Globetrotter at a Peyton & Byrne. Sporting his trademark TV shaped glasses, decked in thrift store chic from around the planet we sip on Camomile and he gallops through his latest series of projects. Whisking me around his DJ sets from Germany to Amsterdam, the USA across the UK, Scandinavia and Japan...he's at the forefront of evangelising world beats to an audience eager to taste global culture.



Russ Jones aka Hackney Globetrotter

With keen eyes telling me he’s discovered something no-one else has found (and in fairness he probably has), he is the Marco Polo of music, always searching until eventually he discovers something which will bring aural delight to his continent of followers. He thrusts a CD into my palm titled, 'Arriba La Cumbia' and suggests I ‘get my ears round that’. Scouring the globe, DJing at festivals and clubs in remote nooks of the world and digging in dusty vintage record stores he hooks up with emerging urban talent. He uncovers sounds that will slip into shaping the mainstream two to three years in advance. With the tenacity of a truffle hunter, he possesses the ability to sniff out music pheromones which will charge his set with global beats. Eclectic material collides extravagantly across Arabic Hip Hop, Cumbia, Afro-house, vintage Reggae, Latin, ragga, Brazillian 2-Step, Japanese funk, Salsa and Global Dubstep, he's a musical alchemist .

Log on, plug the planet into your ears and travel the world in 80 ways.

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