Mr Renaissance

Having trawled the aisles of the affordable art fair, it dawned on me that most of these recently discovered artists, now commanding handsome prices for their work were at some point 5-9ers.


Working during the day and then pursuing their craving in the evening whilst the rest of work worn Britain amused themselves watching the banalities served up by the increasing dumbed down digital channels only to be regurgitated an hour later on their +1s. No these talent fiends were busy grafting at their craft, mixing paint, stretching canvas, agonising over light and perspective to produce pieces that would one day draw wonder from the human heart and entertain those lucky enough to possess them. This is bloody minded talent with muscle, making it happen and there is a joyful thrill in finding that yet little known star in a universe of limitless choice. Talent wears many faces and in this case it’s in the form of Samuel Rozdoba-Hallows, a classically trained artist with a body of portraiture harking to the masters yet using a vivid palette the tones he draws from flesh are strikingly elegant, modern and bold. Currently taking private commissions, this Shoreditch wunderkid is unlikely to remain undiscovered for long.



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I love this painting! A few friends of mine have commissioned Sam for paintings as presents and they have all been fantastic and really pleased with the outcome! I think he is still updating his website so looking forward to seeing the finished site!

By Melissa on July 14, 2011

A fantastic talent, I have been lucky enough to see Samuel at work and it really is amazing to watch. To see the subjects almost leap from the canvas is testament to this chap’s seemingly boundless talents. I look forward to seeing a lot more in the future.

By Matt T on July 15, 2011

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