A Crowning Silhouette

On the hunt for a digital marketing guru I had heard about in Hoxton, I clapped eyes on a tiny store front, elegantly merchandised with highly individual head gear. Partial to a piece of millinery I oathed to visit after my consultation which was fuelled by grade A caffeine at The Juggler, Hoxton Square, followed by a tutorial in the principles of search engine optimisation. Strolling back I was sucked in by the vortex of CA4LA the hat shop, resolute that I was simply window shopping, curious, discovering but definitely not buying. The relaxed cool of the Japanese assistants complemented the street chic design inspiring the collection of headwear, spring/summer boaters, peak straw hats, bowlers, toppers, berets, caps, cloches, fascinators, beanies finished in linens, lightweight durable cottons, knits and woolens. Luxe also features in shot silk trims and playful textured felt, casting creative silhouettes and dripping with personality.  



Inevitably I found myself balancing different shapes and sizes in front of the generous mirrors, attracting approving nods or polite sympathetic smiles, encouraging me to replace unsuitable choices. ‘We’re called Ka-Shi-La, it’s Japanese for head or top, all our hats are designed in Japan’  announced Yunosuke. 'We have more styles here if you want something different'. Within moments, my audience of two were adjusting peaks over my brow, tipping hats to one side, as if dressing me for Hoxton’s urban catwalk.

These hats are seriously hot, they’re not designed for the masses but for the individual and the store defines the original meaning of that over used word ‘boutique’ …indeed this is currently the only store outside of Japan. I settled on a pseudo military look and abandoned my no purchase policy, knowing that the penance would be worth the pleasure. Bagging my new essential item, the only thing left to do….was wear it home.

Simple, easy to wear and utterly fresh.


pic frame

Photos please .... need to see this hat in situ!

By Jo Henderson on July 17, 2011

UR icon

You’ll get to see it in all it’s glory on my persona.

By Urban Rajah on July 17, 2011

Thank you for sharing this useful information and i will let know my friends as well. Great post!

By Mike on September 07, 2011

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