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‘Come and see Hurst, it’ll change you’. His voice teased with surprise as if he had something special up his sleeve.

Is it possible for a house to move you to experience pure joy, I mean, not just a fleeting moment of happiness or a temporary smile, but actually positively alter the balance of your life? If I’d been posed with this question a month ago I’d have ordered you to go back to the ashram from whence you came. I love inspirational design, intelligent living and all the stuff I should care more about such as passive carbon footprints, but a house, is after all bricks, mortar, glass and bills. But surely it’s the inner you, you know your soul, spirit, happiness, which our post enlightenment culture should be concerned about? But what if a house could tap into all of this and radically impact you, really affect how you feel and shape your perspective on life, is that possible?



Walking down a tree lined avenue on a sunny day, I stopped and gazed at a striking piece of soft white magisteria, beautifully clad in sleek dark panelling. I stepped through the large yet deft Kebony door on to the polished Puur polished concrete floor glinting like a speckled lake, sharply cut into the statuesque clean white plaster complete with shadow gaps, not a skirting board in sight. I was hit by a flurry of tranquillity, electricity, fun, maturity, abandonment, youthful energy, vision, belonging and comfort, my senses being assaulted yet centred and balanced at the same time. The three storey property  on Hurst Avenue, Highgate opened up like a lotus plant worshipping the sun, enclosing over 4,000 sq ft of space. The balconied front to back visibility throughout the house sucked in views across London into the living spaces warmed by double height oak cloaked walls. Scenes to the rear over the sunken courtyard extend to the lodge which perches across the sculpted garden as if thoughtfully pondering the view through its double fronted glass visor.

Travelling through the house it’s clear that it has been conceived out of a passion to deliver something of distinction, it's almost an art form of sustainability, it's chic, honest and efficient . The four sleep spaces combine space competency, no runways of halogens to scar the ceiling, discreet bedside ambient lighting controlled by touch sensitive panels and enough storage to accommodate London Fashion Week’s essentials. Bathroom suites luxuriate in slabs of corian and ceilings are punched through with portals flooding in day light. In fact the entire house is a magnet for light trapping it like a precious commodity and publishing it to every floor. The 1,000 sq ft open plan family area articulates modern living at its best. Space to rest, engage, play and simply be, the house breathes togetherness whilst allowing family members room to dream, explore and discover.

This home, produced by Bliss defines the zeitgeist of a grand design. I am moved by this space, it’s handsome in every sense and Bliss could be a philosophy for mainstream contemporary living.

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