Going Through The Change

The Accidental Career

The meeting concluded and we exchanged small talk in the try hard meeting room. Accessorised with penny chews and the obligatory fruit bowl, perhaps a metaphor that this PR agency can do fun and serious at the same time. Sian the perky PR announced her part-time departure to pursue her interest as a personal trainer for the Yummy Mummies in Londonshire, “Well I love doing both things so I’ve done a deal to work here three days a week whilst I spend the other days training clients.” The rictus grin across her colleagues’ faces tried to conceal their envy. Oblivious to their avarice she continued sowing seeds which at some stage would bloom into twisty fat leaved jealousy.

Sunday lunch was a relaxed affair in the garden, with the sun covering our shoulders like a pashmina we tucked into freshly made meaty Capitol Kebabs furnished with crispy Kachumber Salsa.

“You know I used to be a trolley dolly.”

Wheezing as I struggled to dislodge the cucumber from my throat, surprise had caught me out. This Met Police Detective who’d gone face to face with rioters in London, charged crack houses and guarded the Middleton family during Kate and Wills betrothal had once wiggled his bum and used the well worn phrase, “coffee, tea or me?” whilst wheeling a hot beverage cart down the aisle of a 747 and prior to that had repped for Kuoni.


Pension careers seem so last century replaced by Switchers and Portfolio Jugglers, where switching involved a complete career change, preceded by re-discovering what one is really excited/interested by and then re-training and dumping the accidental career.

Take for example Jay The Sparky, a school friend who took his intelligence for granted and flunked University. A succession of jobs led to a senior buyers role at supermarket behemoth Stressco, years drifted by like clouds until he took the plunge and decided upon taking up a trade as an electrician. Self-employed with no corporate perks or golden handcuffs, relaxed, re-invigorated, renewed his life has equilibrium or in his words “I just took charge of my life”.

Portfolio Jugglers are dexterous. David writes, produces short films and develops property, a husband, and a father he also makes divine Persian coffee. PCs find new opportunities to apply their skills to, comfortable with constant change and a revision of the rules. Nicola Hill, was a former lawyer, she and her other half moved to Australia where she’s now earning her stripes as a visual artist, photographer, travel writer and lecturer. Every day scores of the disillusioned are joining the ranks of this large unseen army of those wanting more, taking charge, throwing the dice and changing their hand. So if you’re one of the multitude in the valley of indecision take succour from George Bernard Shaw, “You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"

Change is here to stay, embrace it like a comrade and re-discover your potential.


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