The Dreaming

Life gets in your way

Sometimes wisdom can spring from the unlikeliest of places. Spending a sunset with dear friends drinking in the big sky and wild countryside of Blakeney Harbour, Norfolk, we walked across the muddy flats to the water's edge. Watching the sun weave its harmonious technicolour magic illuminating sprays of cloud in gold, vermillion and the colour of parma violets. A sea air seltzer woke our skin whilst the sun reflected a God like glory on passing faces, and there as we strolled, the voice of a lone cherub struck the wind around our ears.


Chirpy, free and uplifting the diminuitive Edie (aged 6) sang a lilting, self assured harmony, reminding me what it is to dream. Dusting down the hope of old, re-discovering the could have, should have, would have and exercising the muscle of action. So instead of simply 'dreaming your dreams' the dream by pursuing it. So in Edie's words...

When you come to the end of a beautiful dream
And you wake to a morning of sunlight
Do you ever reflect on the things in your dream?
Do you wish that they all would come true?
Don¹t you know that your dreams are the beginning of hope
The deep hidden plans of the heart
So take all your dreams and turn them to actions
Now is the best time to start
Though the path may be strange
If you don¹t know the way
You must follow to see were it leads you
So gather your courage
Go out and find it
Dreamer your moment has come
Dreamer your moment has come
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Hi Urban Rajah
so i have sat down and really looked at this page !.life moves so fast sometimes .
this is beautiful thank you x
Lisa Ediths mummy !

By Lisa Lipscomb on June 12, 2011

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Can’t wait to hear Edith’s next philosophical instalment!

By Urban Rajah on June 15, 2011

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