Plug Into The Transporter

“It’s the last week that it’ll be this dark in the morning.”

Our seasonal horological adjustment when the clocks go back in favour of farmers, milking daylight from the day, meant five months of evenings drawing in at 5 o’clock or earlier. This morning the sky was skimmed with an amber glow burning pink at the edges, as if shaken by the greatest mixologist, creating the perfect Manhattan cocktail. The soporific sway of the train carriage drew the shutters down on commuters eyelids and like most who’ve peered out from their seat and daydreamed a little, I did the same.

It’s an exercise I’ve performed many times, which naturally started in stuffy classrooms and normally involved algebra. Picturing myself as one of Captain James T. Kirk’s faithful on the Starship Enterprise I longed to step into the Transporter,de-materialise into thin air and materialise into a more exciting environment. Naturally in my teens, this meant appearing in a Hawaiian Tropic bikini shoot, but as they say, age is just a number. To date I’ve foundt the most effective formula in teleporting lies in the magical property of music, in this case I had Ennio Morricone plumbed into my ears listening to Gabriel’s Oboe the soundtrack to the epic film The Mission. Its haunting and soaring melody amidst the timpani rumble of drums dropped me back into Peru, pitched on a precipice peering out of our tent into the landscape of the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu.

Machu picchu

Looking across the dense green canopy which had stood for hundreds of years, it had sheltered mankind and animals in its cloud forest feeding and clothing its inhabitants. The vapour of rainforest mist settling in for the night as the sun took leave of its duties, the air cool and fresh, plump clouds camping in the sky, birds and monkeys performing their own philharmonia harmonised by chirpy streams. Freedom at the mercy of nature’s ordination and a ripple of excitement in our bellies as we drew nearer to the mystical city of Machu Picchu. But for now we had the opportunity to....“The next station is Clapham Junction.”

I had been teleported back in to the cabin provided by SouthWest Trains and just like the trusty crew of the Starship Enterprise I had another adventure to face, the working day.

Teleporting is free and available now, download your memory for details.

pic frame

Your photo looks like you’re flying over the mountains.  Nice socks!

By Coz on October 30, 2011

UR icon

The socks are standard teleporting issue.

By Urban Rajah on October 30, 2011

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