Changing Seasons

The Milestones

“Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. Birth, death, planting and reaping....”

Our tin box of cards is a great arbiter of the seasons of life, Congrats on your new baby boy, welcome to your new home, happy anniversary. happy birthday, get well soon, congratulations on your new job, thanks, in sympathy.  They mark the passage of time, life’s milestones, events, occasions and reminds us of times gone by and times to come.

Facebook galleries are filled with pictures of new born babies, weddings, drunken nights out, family get togethers, holidays, or engagement announcements, commentaries on the mundanity of life or virtual lives, alter egos and the general passage of time. However, some memories are constant as is the influence of those who’ve passed through our lives. Some leave a fragrant scent, others a damned spot.

Spring flower

Life’s seasons have a magical habit of overlapping. Recently, a long awaited baby was born to a couple who were told to forget their dream of becoming parents - new life. In the same week we said goodbye to one of life’s warriors, a man who inspired belief, conviction, fight and ambition in those around him. Reaching beyond his three score years and ten, he personified the art of great investment, making positive deposits into the lives of others, planting the seeds of goodness which some refer to as righteous. He allowed others to reap the benefit of his investment in future generations, with his life ultimately echoing in eternity.

Reaching the end of his seasons I’m prompted to consider the words of the teacher, “Everything on earth has its own time and its own season. Birth, death, planting and reaping....”  The question is, what season are you in?

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So inspired by your writing.  This made me consider my family that’s gone before and the promise of new life that hopefully will come from my children. 

I may have to devote an entire day to reading our blog and it would be time well spent!  Best of days! D

By Denise Wilcox on June 24, 2012

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Hi Denise, it’s good to stop a while and consider what we’ve got, it’s usually more than we think!

By Urban Rajah on June 30, 2012

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Why I gave away all my clothes. What an incredible story on this week’s #LastSupper podcast from Andy Showell Roger……
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I’m so proud to see my #IndianStreetkitchen menus come alive in schools around the UK through the brilliants teams……
Amazing job...all hail to the #Curry Gods!!…
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