Hurry Sickness

After a week of bronzing ourselves under a Nubian sun, interrupted only by energetic bouts of kite surfing and visiting the tombs of ancient kings, we returned, refreshed, revived to a frost bitten island and resolved to find comfort in the company of friends.


“So when are you around?”
“Well I’m in Dusseldorf on Tuesday, in town for a lunch on Wednesday, then a client thing in the evening. Thursday’s a nightmare…it’s gonna have to be something late March. Sorry the diary’s a car crash.”
“So you mean the only time to grab a coffee, or beer or bite is in two months.”
“Gotta go, the other phone’s ringing.”

Firing up the car to get to the supermarket I’m stationary for a nano second at the lights and it’s as if a gaggle of geese has taken residence behind me, honking away. Flicking my eyes into the rear view mirror I notice an animated grey haired lady behind the wheel of a Micra frantically waiving her hands at me, punching her horn. I’m stunned by her dexterity and her impatience for goodness sake the lights have passed green in Usain Bolt time and people are getting vexed. At the check-out I pack my purchases in a solo effort, dairy with dairy, veg and fruit together, frozens in the same bag. The young mum with a Croydon face lift next in line, tuts and twitches her eyebrows heavenward, as I try and avoid splitting the see through shopping bags. I can feel my blood rising, how quickly does she expect one pair of hands to go? Doesn’t she know life’s a marathon not a sprint, and it was there, between packing butternut squash and ginger that I diagnosed her ailment. She, like my friend and the elderly woman suffer from ‘Hurry Sickness’. Rushing through life as if it were something to be consumed rather than savoured, I claimed my ClubCard points and wondered why people had become so fierce, impatient and angry. Keen to rush and speed through life, pushing, shoving, rinsing through minutes, hours, weeks, weekends always promising yourself that one day things will slow down…ah that elusive one day. Which will either arrive with a full stop at the end or at a point where you catch yourself questioning where the years have gone. Well in the unforgettable words of Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop once in a while you might miss it.”

A recipe for slow

The slowest beef curry in the world, Beef Bughela.

Things to do whilst it’s cooking:

  • Read sections from the Sunday papers
  • Go through unframed digital pictures you forgot were on your PC
  • Write to someone….just because
  • Sort that bag of charity clothes out
  • Watch a familiar film classic and lose yourself
  • Listen to music and day dream
  • Start a journal


pic frame

I love this post! I read somewhere that the shortest time period there is is the time it takes between the lights turning green and someone honking their horn. As someone else who packs the groceries in a somewhat orderly fashion, I fully appreciate your frustration. In the words of the young people of today….chillax man. (Although my challenge is that I sometimes veer so far away from hurry sickness, that nothing gets done!). Love the website, will be checking all the recipes in more detail…

By Lydia on July 14, 2011

I found just what I was needed, and it was etenratining!

By Cannon on August 22, 2011

Wise words my friend…..maybe too relaxed though….your beef bughela link doesn’t work!!!

By Cocoa Hernando on February 22, 2013

UR icon

Thanks for dropping by….beef bughela link now ressurrected!

By Urban Rajah on February 22, 2013

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