The alcohol worked his smile into a post coital grin, feet up, belly replete with supper, swilling his invention of Cointreau, Sambuca, ice and a twist of lemon, the concoction left heavy tears in the glass running towards the ice.



“I’ll tell you what else works, snail porridge,” he announced triumphantly. “We ate at the Fat Duck, Blumenthal’s place.”

With the linguistic dexterity of a CSI coroner he began to splay out the anatomy of a foodie describing the wax sealed menu and its impact on a diner’s senses, air scented with citrus notes, liquid nitrogen infused with lemon, oak moss charming the nostrils and aural pleasure heightened by the sounds of the sea….and the bill? Well that had four numbers and a two at the front of it. I couldn’t work out whether it was the alcohol proof making my eyes water or the cost of the meal which would equate to a couple of weeks in a South Sea Island.

Can any food be worth this? Albeit the theatre is deliciously entertaining and may be that’s it. We all need a bit of theatre in our lives, something which evacuates us from day to day routine, the chore of doing chores, elbowing through the smog of commuters and the cathartic yet mundane process of ironing. Perhaps our ‘home theatre’ isn’t found in a supply of expensive shiny black boxes from Sony, maybe it lies in the expression, “are you entertaining tonight?” Who needs liquid nitrogen, when you have two hands, a kitchen, ingredients, friends…oh and Coinbuca!


Take one large tumbler, 4/5 big chunks of ice (rough ones are better), pour in a friendly measure of Cointreau and acquaint it with an equally convivial amount of sambuca. Squeeze a cheeky lemon over the mix and garnish with a twisty piece of peel. Now suck in the fumes and in quick pursuit christen your lips with this chimera. 


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