20 Minute Mind Spa

No Stretching Required

There I lay my body drifting in and out of conscious unconsciousness suspended on the surface of a syrupy briny solution. Cocooned in a chamber slightly longer and wider than a coffin listening to the sound of dolphins calling. My frame gently gliding in the salt water tank, annoyingly banging my head against the enclosed tomb, “I must relax”. I mentally chanted “this is relaxing”  the dolphins pitch grew higher and a little more frantic. A shiver rippled across my body, I repelled the sensation, “You are not cold, this is enjoyable”. The dolphins now resembled the screech of a knackered fan belt and i was definitely covered in a rash of goose bumps with my ears now plugged with saline and my head continually banging the edge.   

‘Sod this for an indulgence, it’s an endurance’. In a Lazarean moment i sprung out of the salty grave into the rush of daylight and I’ve never been back since. My body and mind barbed and fractured and most annoyingly...cold. No, salt water chambers are not on the agenda for mental relaxation.


Woody allen

I went in search of a spa treatment for the mind, something that would soothe, invigorate, relax, inspire and set me up for life’s interruptions and bumps. Drawing on generation insight  I recalled pictures of my grandparents who would sink their eyes and minds into texts full of wisdom, faith and poetry . Sitting in the early morning half-light, specs perched on the edge of the nose as if peering through magic windows opening up mysteries wrapped in text, imbibing words which painted a wash of tranquillity across their wrinkled features. Greying temples which trapped light like strands of silver, long cinnamon fingers stroking page turns and each leaf revealing personal treasures. Filling their minds with the stuff of champions, mentally equipped to steeple chase the day ahead. Wonderfully simple, no stretching or bathing required, just some cerebral discipline.

I devised my own personal 20 Minute Mind Spa, exercised each morning before I fill my head with the day. At the moment I’m filing my head with the wisdom of King Solomon and Woody Allen.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend” King Solomon

“Eighty percent of success is showing up” Woody Allen

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gotta love the quotes; it’s distilled wisdom. ayn rand said the definition of freedom is to ask, expect and demand nothing of anyone. this also ties in with the philosophy of ‘attachment being the root of suffering’.

By krish on February 08, 2012

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Now there’s a mind spa..worth indulging in.

By Urban Rajah on February 09, 2012

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