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Halloumi Heads East

The sun hung heavy, defiant and victorious in the flawless blue sky. People loafed in flip flops and cut a dash in designed T-shirts, ices and frappés kept temperaments cool. The sound of gulls reminded us that life in the sun was better than the gloom back home, with its pregnant clouds and grey suits. This is a much better place to hang out, the way it should be, even the birds sing a sweeter tune. Can you feel the sand between your toes? Do you sense the tingle of sea breeze across your bronzing skin and the life giving elixir of the sun's beams? Almost?

Think again this is summer in the heaving metropolis of London. Admittedly it's caught most of us by surprise, late September and the elusive Indian Summer appears to have arrived on the mount of Red Rum, jockeyed by Lord Lucan.  There was a rumour at the beginning of the month that its eldorado qualities may simply be nothing more than an urban myth.

Halloumi Pitta Pocket

Chillier morning starts, precipitation, knitwear, warming soups and the odd scarf were being embraced as a new season was being ushered in on the North wind, but now our 26C highs have left us all a little discombobulated. Just as the new wardrobe was edging to make an appearance it's had to make a sharp exit and with this breath of solar energy it's only fitting that we enjoy food which reflects our sunnier disposition - happier, colourful, and light.

The cheese of the summer has been halloumi referred to by one of the youngest in our dynasty as squeeky cheese, it was time to make a re-appearance. Toasted pitta bread, warmed through so that it opens its pockets, a few slices of lightly fried halloumi in a touch of olive oil to the point it takes on the appearance of giraffe patches, add a generous dollop of Kachumber Salsa and serve with potato salad. The in a flash, mighty tasty and joyfully bright.

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Hallooooooooooooooooooumi.  Lovely smile

By Kiwibird on September 29, 2011

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Knew you’d like it.

By Urban Rajah on September 29, 2011

This sounds very very morish

By Vic on September 30, 2011

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This food is so clean it’s squeeky.

By Urban Rajah on October 01, 2011

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