December 25th
Urban Rajah Supper Club

Urban Rajah Supper Club


Your wonderfully talented wife alerted me to your web site last year when I was location chef on a couple of shoots she was working on.  Rather guiltily I have just found her card after all this time with the details thus finally able to take a look.  Am most impressed - love the way it covers so many areas of life/living and - of course - the food section… More than that it is refreshing to navigate and I love the content.  What a lucky find for me.  Kerstin

By Kerstin on February 16, 2012

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Hi Kerstin..ah you’ve discovered my achilles heel. The real talent rests in the elegant figure of the Maharani. Do drop by again, we love visitors like you and by the way she still raves about your Moussaka. Hope to try it again….soon?

By Urban Rajah on February 17, 2012