December 25th
Bombay Eggs

Bombay Eggs


somebody give the urban rajah a cookery show!!

By pianotinkler on January 20, 2012

Love whitebait so this is one I’m going to give a go. Doesn’t look too daunting for a novice cook like myself to give a go either… (famous last words).

By Luke on February 08, 2012

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This dish is as easy as brushing you’re teeth, just don’t use whitebait as part of your oral cleansing routine…it could get messy.

By Urban Rajah on February 09, 2012

Your wonderfully talented wife alerted me to your web site last year when I was location chef on a couple of shoots she was working on.  Rather guiltily I have just found her card after all this time with the details thus finally able to take a look.  Am most impressed - love the way it covers so many areas of life/living and - of course - the food section… More than that it is refreshing to navigate and I love the content.  What a lucky find for me.  Kerstin

By Kerstin on February 16, 2012

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Hi Kerstin..ah you’ve discovered my achilles heel. The real talent rests in the elegant figure of the Maharani. Do drop by again, we love visitors like you and by the way she still raves about your Moussaka. Hope to try it again….soon?

By Urban Rajah on February 17, 2012

Really enjoyed watching this, and will definitely be trying it myself. Hope to see the date and tamarind recipe soon.  Thanks Richard

By Richard on April 20, 2012

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Dead simple and the Date & Tamarind Chutney will transform the creamy texture of this Daal.

By Urban Rajah on April 21, 2012

Looks tasty .. .and no, I’m not just talking about the girl in the navy top!!!!

By Jo H on April 30, 2012

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I think there’s a case for both…

By Urban Rajah on April 30, 2012

Fabulous! I can’t wait. The Maharani xx

By Jeanne peters on April 04, 2013

Sounds tasty indeed.

Nice Magimix too!

By Claude Lukan on April 10, 2013

Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you can’t beat a nice souvlaki!!!!!!

By Paliatzi on June 11, 2013

I have Comcast and want to record your shows.  are you only available by streaming online?  how can I watch your shows?  thx

By kay entrekin on January 06, 2015

Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a risky conclusion outstanding post!

By Smithk115 on August 15, 2015

Going 2 try that thanks

By neil on November 14, 2015

Hi dear chef your way of cooking is very fantastic and inspiring
Thanks a lot got a moment with you keep in touch inform my regards your family
Warm regards
Chef Shinto
Eighth Bastion
Fort Cochin

By Shinto on February 28, 2016

nice presentation…

By ameen on March 17, 2016

Love Urban Rajah would like to keep serving it up!

By Sarah.wilkes on August 14, 2018