Dr Sark

Sark, a date with enchantment

“That’s what I call it, even after 30 years it’s still Dr Sark to me.”

Her content expression carved out of what appeared to be genuine laughter lines went a little further, “Sark’s a little like Marmite, you either love it or hate it.”

Situated 80 miles south of the British coastline, this war time occupied British Isle is a total chill seekers paradise. Sark’s arteries of shaded country lanes carve their way through the island’s interior defining farmer’s boundaries populated by tall lush crop or grazing fields for long eye lashed cows. Thick stone farmhouses sit as guardians over this traffic free island, in fact this cycle only environment has two speeds ‘dead slow’ and ‘stop’. Time has discarded its routine and gone on holiday.


The islanders, 600 of them enjoy the freedom of outdoor living where kids appear to live a life without care...this is Famous Five territory, children are allowed to be children, climbing trees, building dens, swimming, free from the over attentive gaze of the Health & Safety Police. This island, trapped in era lacking modern sophistication saturates your senses with stillness a chance to soak in tranquillity and consider your choices; walk through dappled glades, swim by the elemental coastline, cycle the palm of the island’s life lines, read that book you never finished, watch the sun go down through the haze of BBQ heat. A romantic view of life or just a choice to live differently? Either way this tincture of tranquillity is just what the Doctor (Sark) ordered.

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Sark is a fabulous island - no traffic jams there!

By Kathleen on July 16, 2011

Sark really is the most unique and serene of all the Channel Islands. One of my earliest holiday memories is getting a boat to the isle in a terrible storm and being rewarded for my bravery and (stable stomach) with a bowl of warm porridge for lunch. A genuinely magical escape - Enid Blyton style.

By Luke Mersey on July 21, 2011

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