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4 larger-than-life lessons from soap operas | Kate Adams

Soap operas and telenovelas may be overblown and exaggerated, but as Kate Adams shows us, they often reflect the intensity and drama of real life. Adams, a former assistant casting director for "As the World Turns," explains: "Soap operas teach us to push away doubt and believe in our capacity for bravery, vulnerability, adaptability and resilience." In this talk, she highlights four lessons for life and business and reminds us that it's never too late to change our story.

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How an old loop of railroads is changing the face of a city | Ryan Gravel

Urban planner Ryan Gravel shares the story of how his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, rallied to build a massive urban park that will transform an abandoned railroad track into 22 miles of public green space called the Atlanta BeltLine. The places we live aren't inevitable, he says -- and if we want something different, we need to speak up.

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Maps that show us who we are (not just where we are) | Danny Dorling

What does the world look like when you map it using data? Social geographer Danny Dorling invites us to see the world anew, with his captivating and insightful maps that show Earth as it truly is -- a connected, ever-changing and fascinating place in which we all belong. You'll never look at a map the same way again.

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An interview with the founders of Black Lives Matter | Mia Birdsong / Patrisse Cullors / Opal Tometi / Alicia Garza

Born out of a social media post, the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked discussion about race and inequality across the world. In this spirited conversation with Mia Birdsong, the movement's three founders share what they've learned about leadership and what provides them with hope and inspiration in the face of painful realities. Their advice on how to participate in ensuring freedom for everybody: join something, start something and "sharpen each other, so that we all can rise."

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