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Too Good To Waste

PareUp allows New York-based restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores to offer soon-to-be-wasted food at a discounted price. Participating merchants can send alerts to users detailing what is available, and the discounted price.

In the United States, up to 40% of food from farm to fork is thrown away. That's about $165 billion dollars of unused food. Each year, food retailers are unnecessarily sending about $40 billion dollars of unsold goods to the trash because industry standards, marketing practices, and donation infrastructure are leaving a lot of edible food behind.

Imperfectly shaped produce usually never makes it to the grocery floor. Items approaching sell-by dates are often pulled off the shelves a couple days in advance to keep displays fresh. All this food is still fit to eat--in many cases, it's still delicious. On the other side of the equation, the quantities and types of excess that recovery agencies can accept are often limited by their operational budgets and their food safety and transportation guidelines. PareUp provides businesses with a more profitable alternative to throwing food away that also benefits consumers and the environment. ;

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